Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Not just another Tuesday...

Today looks like any other Tuesday. Woke up, got the kids ready for school. Field trip money was due today and Grace all the sudden decided that she was too big to bring her lunch so she wanted to buy it. (I think it's just for the ice cream.) Tatum decided to rock the side pony tail and I stopped and got the boys donuts on the way back home. Shhhh....don't tell the girls. I have tons to do today. It's trash day, so that means I get to walk around the house and collect things that all of my little pack rats stuffed in corners and under beds. (they never miss it.) I need to wash sheets and prepare dinner so it's ready for when we get out of T-ball practice tonight. Cash wants to set up his train track when Caine goes down for a nap and Tatum has Choir practice today, so that means extra kids come over after school for snacks and homework until their moms pick them up. Oh...and I need to run to the post office.

Just another Tuesday...except for one thing....today I find out what lies ahead for me and my family. Last week the doctor told me I had Cervial Cancer. I know, not the BEST news in the world...but it could be worse. Today, I should get the pathology reports back telling me what stage it's at and a treatment plan. Sigh....I have sooo many emotions about this. For one...I am 29 years old, and this is the second time in my life I have been told I had cancer. B: I don't have time for this. I can't be sick. I have five people who count on me. Who's going to do the laundry, and cook meals...and remember to sign homework folders if something should happen? Three: Nothing is going to happen. This is a little bump in the road...another bump in the road of this path I'm on. It's not like I've never hit bumps before. I am trying to look at the positive. As a woman, if you're going to have cancer...cervical cancer is a good one to get. It's slow progressing. It takes 3-5 years to spread to somewhere they can't cut out. So far we are looking at a hysterectomy and possibly radiation and chemo. I can do that right? Who needs hair?! And THANK YOU GOD that I don't need my girl parts anymore. They have been good to me...but they can have them, especially if they are going to want to cause problems and act up now. So yay, menopause at 30! That should be fun for Jerry. ha! 

So, today...I am going to wash my sheets, pick up the house...and squeeze my kids a little tighter, all with the phone close and pray for the best.

P.S. I didn't mean to get so sappy, so soon. My plan was to rope you all in with my sweet and funny stories of the kids...and then dump all the heaviness on you later. But hey, what's a blog for, right?


  1. I love you. Can never say it enough!

  2. Well, I got the reports back. Looks like it's worse than expected...but we will get through this. As for now, more test and more waiting. Thank you guys. I love you all.

    Ok...I promise, happy posts from now on. :)

  3. I love you. You make me laugh even when you are being sappy and emotional. If anyone ever had a reason to be, it's you, right??

  4. Well... as you know I was not initially thrilled about the idea of blogging. I didn't think anyone cared what I had to say... but I've started to come around to it and want you to know that I DEFINITELY care what you have to say... funny, emotional, sappy and even SCARY! Maybe blogging about what you're going through helps to make it a little easier (if thats possible) and it is giving you a world of people to talk through it with. I love you and want you to keep posting ... even the sad stuff! I'm sending lots of prayers to our Lord in Heaven with your name in it!!! :)

  5. Hey, remember that time you started a blog????